Starlight's Impress  
10 1998  

Lunar Ascent  
01 1998  

Peace in Our Times  
09 1997  

Arctic Blaze

1997 09

Sat reflecting aboard the ferrous ribbon
A sea of fairytale dreams sets sail around me
Shored by wood flaming autumnally
An exquisite pyre to the summer

Above all the great daubed alien sky
Expansively streaked, blotched and gobbed
In an elegant perfection
Streamed through with pure truth

A wasteland unclothed of its accustomed perfection
Full frontal to transientsí stare
Secrets laid bare, devices revealed
Hesitant compelling honesty; perennially black or white

Yet few choose to see
Even among travellers passing this way
The bounty of replete desolation that sits figured
On top of the modern world.

Kiruna 09/97

© cag 2005