Lunar Ascent  
01 1998  

Peace in Our Times  
09 1997  

Artic Blaze  
09 1997  

Starlight's Impress

1998 10

A glint in Father's eye shot
Across the heavens spangled with
Passionate intent
To be free not wild, me

An aspect not of privileged consumption
But faint aureus confession of forged
Strength, yielding in the intensity
Of admitted inability

Prepared form unclothes itself
The stark illumination of honesty
Caught suspended in a tear
Offers perspective on a new horizon

To internally reflect this, even
As a transient moments
Journey all infinity
Rounding to source

Else fades as truth's dawn leaves
One point, that remaining to be learned -
How little I knew
Light from the Morning Star?

Pear Tree House 10/98

© cag 2005