Telling You Where to Go


European Values Study
The British results on Religion and Morale from the last wave of this fascinating study. Intreresting to contrast the number of repondents who believe in God, sin etc with those attending church.

Product Red
Bono's new iniative to do something about Aids, TB and Malaria in Africa. Big business variously motivated to produce products which all contribute a profit share to The Global Fund. Also see Bono, Bob Geldof and other Jubilee 2000 activists' new site - DATA and One part of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Carbon Offset
Become carbon neutral, offsetting the carbon produced by flights etc. You can easily donate the small amount calculated to projects which reduce carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. See also The Carbon Neutral Company.

FairTrade Foundation
It's FairTrade fortnight. Make FairTrade your habit.

Syriana / Goodnight and Good Luck
George Clooney's two recent films have included links to this site at the very end of their credits. Interesting reading.

Hollywood Jesus
Fantastic site on spirituality in film, the definitive artform of the 20th Century. See also Barry Taylor's input at Fuller.

SMS Bible
The Australian Bible Society have translated the Bible into txt spk. U kno, lk whn u txt ur frnds, or usd 2 b4 thr woz prdctve txt. You may have heard about this on the BBC. Here's the Lord's Prayer in txt.

NetThreat Solutions
A business I've helped initiate which specialises in IT security. 10% of profits go to charity.

Some of the work I'm involved in with offenders comes under this title. Almost an organistion, sometimes a programme, currently an umbrella. Handy if it's raining.

Firm Foundations Festival
The BB and GB stage a festival each year in May. I'm involved with the this for the next couple of years.

Er, the biggest and best band in the world.

Firefox Browser
Almost a quarter of people are now using Firefox as their browser rather than IE6. Firefox is the successor of the Netscape browsers, only now open source and developed collaboratively. Join the revolution. Get Thunderbird for email too.

Open Office
Mention of Firefox automatically brings me on to Open Office, the free office suite backed by Sun.

WPC Links Page
World Prayer Centre. Apart from just visiting this site, their links page has some good 'uns there's no point me duplicating here.

On holiday in Austria recently I noticed these coffee shops. Not only fresh coffee served but equipment sold, and vacuum cleaners, kitchen gadgets, walking and cycling accessories, even clothes. Brilliant! I came home and discovered they're here too and you can buy online.

Re Jesus
An interesting site all about JC.

Red Bull Air Race
Amazing site showcasing the recent Red Bull Air Race series. you may have seen the adverts on TV for the Longleat event.

Ship of Fools
Virtual church; reverent and irreverent.

In Our Time
Melvyn Bragg's superb program on R4. Listen in the morning, evening or get the podcast.

Louis Parsons
A close friend whose unique art is growing in stature.

Bible Gateway
A great site offering all versions of the Bible online, fully searchable and accompanied by study resources.

Guardian Unlimited
Online news and current affairs from the Guadrian (sic) newspaper.

Bill Turner
The writings of William H Turner - a major influence on my life and minstry.

Coffee Geek
Ever wondered how to froth the perfect cappuccino? Why not?! You'll find tuition here and everything else coffee :)

The free online encyclopaedia. Very useful. Contributions from experts in each field with peer review. Indespensible if ultimately incomplete.

This is my ADSL supplier and a friend of many years to boot. Neil's firm 'does' the Internet so if you have need of hosting, programming, connection... you get my drift.

The Internet Movie Database. All things celluloid. Lose hours looking up stuff about favourite films and those who starred in them. Track down where it was you saw that face in another picture.

Dave Morgan
I got to know Dave through church and helping him with an Enlarged Loft Opening (ELO). Dave used to be into ELO in a big way. Visit his site and you might find out what I'm on about.

The website of another close friend. Business is the name of his game. Interesting Blog.

Larry Norman
The inventor of contemporary Christian music; to me what Bob Dylan was to many in the 60's. Poet and philosopher, he got me thinking about many things through his influential music.

Web Gallery of Art
If like me you occasionally suffer the urge to look at amazing works of visual art then this site is a useful resource. Great place to look up painters who you've heard of somewhere.

Kite Shop
I like kites. You can get them here. Lidl sometimes have them for a fiver though.

Empire Direct
Nothing to do with the days of the Raj. Discounted electrical goods. Either buy them from here or print out their offer and take it to a shop for a price match.

CDR Media
Good place to get cheap optical media from, though they sometimes pack your jewel cases so that they get smashed by the postman :(

While I'm at it this is where I get laser and ink jet cartridges from. Having said that, a friend's Canon recently printed terribly with these and needed an original to get it sorted.

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